Reinvent your Health through Lifestyle Medicine!

Reinvent your Health through Lifestyle Medicine!

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Vishoka (free from pain and sorrow) is a blissful state of mind (manas) and body (kaya).

We use an integrative approach in our wellness coaching which makes it unique and efficient. It will help you progress in step by step manner to create a safer and healthy environment for your mind (manas) and body (kaya).

Dr. Vidhi Vyas-Desai, a physical therapist who has years of experience in this field to provide you integrative wellness practices and self-care tools to create wholesome health.


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Sleep Hygiene

Customer Reviews

See what clients have said about their experiences with Vishoka Wellness.

Shivani Soni
Shivani Soni
I had great experience with Vishoka Wellness menopause program. The team at Vishoka addressed different aspects of my well-being. In this program they gave insights about menopause in detail, including the biology to treatment options. They tackled physical challenges through personalized exercise plans, including yoga that helped manage symptoms as well as energized me. My instructor, Vidhi’s guidance and practical tips helped me navigate hot flashes, constipation, joint pain, emotional ups and downs with confidence and awareness. She was encouraging, patient and created a space where I could move without judgment. I also learned healthy eating habits with a dedicated nutritionist as well. While it cannot remove all issues it definately helps manage it in a better way. Keep up the great work!
Elizabeth Trochez, CPA
Elizabeth Trochez, CPA
I completed 8 sessions with Vidhi and it went so well. She was patient, knowledgeable and trusting. I learned a lot of new breathing techniques, yoga moves and overall wellness for your body. I highly recommend Vishoka Wellness for anyone looking to improve their health or to address any concerns (such as stress, sleep, pt etc) you may have.
umasindhu kona
umasindhu kona
I participated in Vidhi's menopause program at Vishoka Wellness. Vidhi is excellent at addressing concerns, providing clear explanations, and teaching effective exercises for core and bone strength. She also offered a comprehensive understanding of menopausal symptoms and guidance on managing them.
jen cobb
jen cobb
The information I learned and habits I implemented have been life changing. The classes and techniques learned have made a difference in joint pain, and strength building. I have made changes to my diet that I want to continue indefinitely. Loved this program and I highly recommend!

Scientific and evidence-based wellness programs Designed by a physical therapist



Do you want to improve resilience, reduce anxiety and stress?

Stress management techniques through breathing exercises (pranayama) , mindfulness techniques, self-care tools and meditative (dhyana) movements.

Stress is a mental component of your health that should be addressed.

Stress causes risk of inflammation, brain disorders, heart disease and other metabolic diseases.

It’s practically impossible not to have stress in our lives but what we can do is to learn how to manage it better and that’s what we will learn at Vishoka!




Do you want to practice yoga effectively and safely?

Improve physical health through yoga practice using specific instructions on engagement of key muscles with your yoga poses (aasan).

This is not a traditional yoga practice but it’s based on Medical Therapeutic Yoga method.

No prior yoga experience required. You will learn in step-by-step manner to make Yoga more accessible to you.

At Vishoka integrative wellness, detailed information will be provided on how to ensure safety to avoid strains and injuries in your body.



Do you want to improve your gut health?

We will help you to set accountability for yourself and provide you with plant-based recommendations to promote better dietary habits.

As we all know poor nutrition is one of the risk factors for cancer, obesity, stroke, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, musculoskeletal health and osteoporosis. Plant-based diet is associated to lower the risk for all those diseases.

At Vishoka wellness we will touch base with prebiotics, probiotics, anti-inflammatory diet, gut microbiome, whole foods, clean swaps and more!



Do you want to improve your sleep hygiene?

We will provide practices and recommendations to improve your sleep hygiene.

Your sleep plays a major role in every aspect of your health.

Sleep deprivation can cause serious health consequences like increasing risk of hypertension, heart disease, depression, diabetes, stroke, obesity and more! Good sleep hygiene and habits help you with cardiovascular health, cognitive function, tissue healing, pain sensitivity, neurological health etc.

At Vishoka integrative wellness, you will be provided with mindfulness/meditation techniques and strategies to improve your sleep.