Dr. Vidhi Vyas-Desai, PT, DPT

Kem cho?

About Vishoka Wellness

I am a physical therapist. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy from India, my Masters of Science in Exercise Science from Brooklyn College and my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Arcadia University. I am a Professional Yoga Therapist and I am also certified in Lifestyle Medicine.

I have been working in healthcare since 2010. Helping people with just “physical” part of their health felt incomplete. Especially, when we know that a lot of orthopedic problems and metabolic issues come from poor management of our sleep, nutrition and stress. That’s what inspired me to take more holistic approach in my care.

Well, apart from being a physical therapist I love to spend time with my family and friends. I love dancing and trying different cuisines. I also enjoy hiking and exploring new places.


What do I do as an Integrative Health Coach?

I use Lifestyle Medicine to help you improve your health. I coach using a holistic approach and I provide accountability partnership to change your lifestyle to improve your physical fitness, stress level, sleep and gut health. 

What is Medical Therapeutic Yoga?

It’s a method created by Ginger Garner to use Yoga for healthcare and Self-care. This is a modern and evidence-based method to practice yoga postures ensuring prevention of joint strains and injuries. 

What is lifestyle medicine?

“Lifestyle medicine is a medical specialty that uses therapeutic lifestyle interventions as a primary modality to treat chronic conditions including, but not limited to, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.  Lifestyle medicine certified clinicians are trained to apply evidence-based, whole-person, prescriptive lifestyle change to treat and, when used intensively, often reverse such conditions. Applying the six pillars of lifestyle medicine—a whole-food, plant-predominant eating pattern, physical activity, restorative sleep, stress management, avoidance of risky substances and positive social connections—also provides effective prevention for these conditions.” – The American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM)